NAC Bypasses Buttons not allowed without a password anymore?

Recently an AHJ in our area cited this bulletin…

First time for me to see this interpretation. We always have installed NAC and Relay bypass buttons on our systems, with or without a password requirement. The locked cabinet sufficed previously but I am unable to argue this cited ruling.

Anyone else come across this issue, or have I been living under a rock?

Bypass as per ULC-S527-11

(ULC-S524-06) 4.4.7 Operating controls on a display and control centre shall be located and arranged
so as to be operated by authorized personnel only.

ULC-S527-11 does not allow a bypass switch to be installed for signal circuits (bell, horn, strobe, speakers)
without the user using a password to allow bypass to work.
However, for auxiliary functions (relays), it is allowed to use a bypass switch without having a password for the
switch to be functional.

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