Name of alarm tone

Sup humans. I was wondering what the type of sound is called. It is like a code 3 temporal instead it is on and off with no long breaks in between. So I think its .05 seconds in between every beep. Can someone tell me the name of that sound?

smth like in this video - Medford Tech Pride Week 2011 Day 1 Fire Drill Video 1 - YouTube

It has multiple names, pulse, 60 BPM marchtime, and there may be others I’m not aware of

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Thank you. Most videos on youtube don’t show this as a sound on the siemens UMMT is that true?

Most systems in general are not set on pulse; heck I think I’ve only ever heard of at least one example.

My school uses siemens and that is set to pulse. Do you know any online audio sources with the siemens pulse tone with like no other background sounds or no?