Napco gemini can’t disarm

I can’t disarm my Napco Gemini system. The code I have wouldn’t arm it, but I was able to auto arm in 1 hour which worked to arm it, but now I can’t disarm it. The screen just says invalid code. How do I fix this?

Sounds like the master code isn’t set for what you think it is for some reason. My only advice is to power down the system completely & hope it’s not still armed once you boot it back up (don’t know about changing the code though).

The code I’m using is the code that is printed on the control panel box that is labeled “MASTER SECURITY CODE”

Well like I said it seems like that’s not what it’s programmed as on the panel. Has the code you’re trying worked in the past?

The master security code allows me to get into programming, but not arm it. However, when using the master security code to auto arm it works.

Also, the master security code can’t be changed.

Very strange…honestly sounds like the panel is malfunctioning in some way to me.

Also, will I be able to factory reset it or do all partitions need to be disarmed in order to factory reset it?

I have no idea: I have no experience at all with Napco panels.