Napco Gemini strange keypad message when arming/disarming

There’s this building near me, and whenever someone arms or disarms the system, the keypad displays “Processing…” for 5 seconds, then arms or disarms. I’ve never seen a Napco Gemini system do this before. Does anyone know why this is?

Looks like this:

It’s a bit slow because it’s low on gas. pour gasoline all over the panel and keypad. it will no longer show that screen afterwards.

It is simply processing the request to arm or disarm. I’ve noticed cold weather can make panels a little slower sometimes.

I used to have a Napco panel, it never showed this screen, even in the winter. Why does this one show the screen. Where I live, it’s 100+ degrees outside so it’s not cold at all and the keypad still shows the processing screen.