Need Edwards 1212B manual

Hey guys, I’m back!

Does anybody happen to have any documentation on the Edwards 1212B? I need an installation manual as I just purchased one. Tried Google with little luck. :expressionless:

Probably should have done some looking around before buying hu?

Try figuring it out yourself, by experimenting.

Aww man, you broke 666 posts before I could get a picture. :roll:

I strangely can’t find any documentation on it, but it’s a simple two-zone panel that should be fairly straightforward to set up. As long as the screw terminals are labeled, you can probably experiment with the programming. I believe it uses DIP switches. Try contacting MountainBell9845, a user on here who has one.

Keep in mind that the system is 12VDC and uses 2.2k resistors.

It was only $24 haha. And i will try getting in contact with him.


So? you still seem to need the manual…

The door or internal diagram probably shows you what you need to know anyway…

I got the manual by contacting Edwards. I just needed to know the specs of it. Like unfiltered power, how much current each zone can support. Etc.