Need Help 4100ES Idnet 2+2 card Missing/failed ( Abnormal)

Hi there… need help/opinion on our newly installed 4100 ES. Everything was in System Normal then suddenly the Panel shows the trouble :

Card 4,Idnet 2+2 card

Missing/failed Abnormal.

Does this mean the card failed considering its brand new? Our Technician advised that there are times, though

the card is brand new . Factory Defect still happens and falls under the warranty.

for your kind inputs…

Card Missing/Failed Abnormal means that for some reason the card is not communicating with the system CPU. The circuit boards in a modern fire alarm system are made using resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, and IC chips made by many other companies. These vendor companies and Simplex have quality control procedures in place. Any one of the new components on the circuit board could fail causing this trouble. That is why there is a warranty on the equipment to replace circuit boards that may fail even though all the parts are brand new. The technician should replace the failed circuit board as the first step in solving the problem.

Keep in mind that while the card is Missing/Failed the pull stations, smoke detectors, and other devices connected to it cannot report a fire condition. A fire watch should be posted to monitor the building for abnormal conditions until the system is repaired.

Hallo sir, how to check trouble installmode active abnormal simplex panel