Need help Identifying this Fire Alarm Enclosure

Hello! I am hoping someone here can help me identify this fire alarm enclosure. Someone gutted this a while back and the city now wants me to make it work again. Its a very simple system, gets power, has 5 pull stations, and some buzzers. I dont see any detection but only signalling. The transformer inside says Edwards. IF I could identify the model, I bet I can find a control board on ebay!

Thank you in advance all.


I dont know. Dose it have a model number on it mabey you could try doing a google serch and if you find anything let me know because now I am curiouse

Thats an old Edwards 1 zone panel. Seems like a lot of KO’s for just a one zone panel. Had a couple of these in a college we serviced. One horizontal mother board and the plug from the XF gives you power.

Looks like an Edwards 1212B FACP. I don’t see how you will get it to work if it’s missing it’s entire main board.