Need Help on Simplex 4010 Front Panel Piezo

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A number of our Simplex 4010 FACPs are continuously beeping as a result some Trouble faults.The faults are diverse and are been worked upon to resolve.The piezo sounds are really disturbing being continuous and irritating especially to office occupants.This situation has resulted in some panels powered off out of frustration,rendering the FACPs useless.

My Quesions:

1.Can the front panel piezo be overridden pending resolution of faults?If possible,pleases help with the procedure.

2.Is the piezo tone volume adjustable?If possible,please help with the procedure.

3.Is there a way this situation could be better managed to allow for time to solve causing fault and not being exposed to continuous irritating buzzing of the piezo ?

I will be grateful

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  1. No, there is no piezo override.

    If the repeating fault is an intermittent ground fault, the 4010 has an earth fault latch available. When activated the 4010 will buzz until acknowledged on the first earth fault trouble. The trouble is held and the 4010 will not buzz again for a repeated earth fault of that polarity. Be aware the trouble will not clear if the earth fault clears. The latch has to be turned OFF.

    Activate earth fault latch as follows:

    1.) Log in to the panel level 2 or higher

    2.) Press FUNCTION key

    3.) Press NEXT until EARTH FAULT LATCH option is displayed

    4.) Press ENTER to see YES/NO option

    5.) Press right arrow to choose YES or NO

  2. No. There is no volume adjustment.

  3. The 4010 is going to activate the piezo for every new trouble except for intermittent earth faults as noted in number 1.

    I might have some ideas if I knew what the troubles are.