Need Help on Sipmlex 4010 SFI/O CPU Board 565-738

Please I intend buying a number of Sipmlex 4010 SFI/O CPU Boards,model 565-738 in order to replace some, suspected to be bad.Please I need help in the following areas:

1.Authentic and reliable way to buy or a reliable store.

2.Any way to confirm integrity or appropriateness of the board before buying or after purchase…

3.Does the board require any programming or setting before replacing a faulty one.

4.Please are models 565-738 and 565-737 interchangeable.

I am a technician responsible for maintaining over twenty of simplex 4010 FACP with very little experience,I will really appreciate your help and references to any materials/websites/videos/training materials that could be of help.

I will be grateful.

Kind Regards,


It makes a bad pun, but you have been put in a tough spot, Spotless. I will try to answer your questions the best I can as I have been out of the industry for several years.


Known good boards should be available through the Tyco-SimplexGrinnell (now Johnson Controls) office or distributor in your area. Another source of boards and board repairs is International Systems of America. Contact ISA for more information.


Purchases made from a reputable source should come with a warranty on the board. Purchases made from other sources, like Ebay, may or may not be a good working board. You will not know until it is installed.


Yes, programming is required. A replacement board probably will have a test program loaded. The replacement board will have to be programmed for all the SLC devices, NAC settings, system options, and custom control resident in the old board.


Those two part numbers are different boards. I know there are operational differences between the two versions. I don’t have information on what those differences are.

Here is some information from an old parts list.

Description - - - Part No. - - - PC Board.

4010 Standard - 742-268 - - - 565-738

Function I/O

Board (Canada) [ULC listed]

4010 Standard - 742-267 - - - 565-737

Function I/O

Board (US) [UL listed]

There are some manuals available on this web site. Tyco SG had on line and classroom courses available for purchase. I have no idea if that continues with Johnson Controls owning the company now.

Hi Retired STR-SG,

Thanks for your time and being of help to me.

I will be working on the information you provided and will get back to you on my progress.

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