Need help with LEDs on AutoPulse 2000 used as a film prop

I got an AutoPulse 2000 today, brand new with all the documentation. However, it seems that it was used as a prop. The board that connects the LEDs to the ribbon cables is missing and all the LEDs have been connected to a set of batteries, however everything else with the panel is fine. The manual mentions that the panel will go into trouble if the LEDs are not connected. The white wires on the door and the gray ribbon cable are shown in the manual to connect to the LED board, meaning they control the LEDs. The four white wires are almost certainly for the power and trouble LEDs, and the gray ribbon cable is probably for the other LEDs. I know this because the number of pins on the cables matches up to the number of leads on the LEDs. My best guess is that the panel most likely monitors these LEDs with resistors placed in the circuit of each LED. My question is; how can I possibly rewire this to an operational state again? Knowing what the LED board looks like would be a huge help. Here is an image of the panel’s internals for some reference:

The white cable you see is for power to the board - this runs for the most part directly back to the power supply header at the lower left hand side of the board.

The gray cable is for communications. The LED board is actually “intelligent,” meaning that there is a communications link between the main board and the LED control board over this data bus. When there is no communication between the boards, a trouble condition is registered with the main control board.

The original LEDs are all bi-color Red/Amber, with the exception of the Power, Trouble, and Pre-Discharge LED’s, which are green, yellow, and red respectively. Out of curiosity, are these still present within the unit, or have they been swapped out for standard LED’s?

Unfortunately, I do not have a current image of the LED board on the inside of my AutoPulse 2000 unit to share. However, it is briefly visible in this frame of one of my System Tests:

Just curious, have you actually powered up the unit to check for any additional faults? There is an on-board diagnostics feature that will report all current trouble condition utilizing the panel’s internal piezo. I believe it is accessed by holding both the Silence and Reset buttons simultaneously, but should double check with your copy of the manual. This will run without the presence of the LED display board, so I highly encourage you to use it to check for any additional faults within the unit. There may be a reason it was put to use as a prop.

We have already tested it and everything seems to work perfectly aside from the missing board. We have no batteries for it, so we can’t hear any troubles we may not be aware of. The LEDs seem to have been swapped out for single color LEDs, coincidentally the few LEDs that were originally single color are the correct colors. I was wondering if you knew what other components were present on the board besides the LEDs. Thanks in advance.

You can still run the diagnostics program without the batteries. It will list all trouble conditions on the panel in sequence from highest priority to lowest priority.

A good part of the logic in this panel is built from standard CMOS integrated circuit chips, so the good news is we may very well be able to reverse engineer and replicate the LED board depending on what types of chips were used. However, I would strongly recommend you look for a replacement board rather than trying to reconstruct one, to ensure that the sensitive data communication circuits on the main board are not damaged.

Unfortunately, I do not currently have my AutoPulse 2000 available to inspect at the moment, as I am at my college apartment rather than my home. If you are able to wait until next weekend, I can take a look at it and get you a detailed parts list and reconstruct a wiring diagram based on my board. Sound good?

Creating a diagram and finding out what the chips are seems like the next best thing if we cant find a new board. Thanks in advance.

Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you on this. I am unable to remove the display board on my panel without chancing damage to the LED’s, so I am unable to view exactly what parts are on the interior.

However, I was able to locate this panel with an intact LED board: . Perhaps you could work out a deal with the seller to purchase the board only.

Good luck!