Need help with Notifier AFP-200

The system is setup with addressable monitors for the pull stations and addressable relays that trigger FCPS-24 power supplies that operate the NAC’s.

The NAC’s suddenly quit operating.

The NAC’s that are powered directly from the Panel still operate correctly during alarm, there are no troubles showing, the com lights on the monitors and relays still blink, showing communication and since pulls still trigger the panel, communication is ok.

For some reason the panel is not sending a signal on the SLC to trigger the relays that operate the FCPS-24’s causing them to activate the NAC"s ( the FCPS-24’s work correctly when triggered locally)

I wonder if there is possibly a relay in the panel that initiates the process and it could be bad? I need to know if the programing is in EEPROM and if it is safe to power the system completely down? Is the SLC circuit robust and not subject to damage from disconnecting and reconnecting under power and if communications will reestablish it’s self when reconnected? All help appreciated Thanks Marsh

Is it a relay or a control module that activates the fcps ??? If it’s a relay check the program and make sure it’s switch states under alarm. If it’s a control module check to see if the 24v passes through under alarm. Probably just bad relay or control module.