New Acquisition!

Hi everyone, as most of you know that keep in contact with me on Discord, I sold my Simplex 4006, and after around 14 days I have finally gotten its replacement up and running - and that replacement is a Simplex 4100ES.

I do have means of getting it programmed (thanks Nicsou!), so it will now be the new candidate for my home system where I plan on equipping it with digital voice paired with IDNet for the ultimate home setup! I will also probably end up posting this system to YouTube and other social media platforms besides Discord.

About the CPU bay:

  • Standard system power supply (SPS) - no IDNAC yet!
  • 4100ES (Next Generation Processor) CPU card
  • Add-in 8-zone conventional system card
  • City-tie card
  • DACT card
  • Firmware: Rev. 6.02.05 [ES] (shipped to me with 4100U bins, Rev. 14.01.03)
  • Total Cost: $895

I also purchased the cabinet separately for $85, and I picked it up locally. Unfortunately, it is missing the dress panel, but I’ll get that later once one pops up for a reasonable price on eBay.
And yes, before you ask, I know that this is an ES in a U cabinet. I am not really a fan of how the ES cabinets look, and this cabinet was nearby and inexpensive.

Pictures attached. If you want more pictures or have questions, feel free to ask!


Very very nice mr.pineapple

mine better

You got a very lucky bargin with that one! Although what’s causing the trouble light to be lit up?

Those images were before I upgraded the firmware from the old 4100U bins to the 4100ES bins, and before I had the new job loaded on, so the panel was looking for several cards and devices that didn’t exist anymore.

After I upgraded the firmware:

8 of those troubles were coming from the zone card due to a fuse which was burned out, I replaced it and those troubles cleared.
The only remaining troubles I have now are a few missing IDNet devices because I’m waiting for those to show up, and a battery trouble since I don’t have the battery cable for the PDU yet - I’ll be making my own battery cable tomorrow.

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