New eBay grabs

Left to Right: Edwards GL1RF-HDVMC, Wheelock ELHSR, Wheelock LFHSHWS-CO

First LED devices too.

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Cool! Not sure anyone’s gotten an early “LED Genesis” yet!

Evan Stone Productions on YT does. He’s had one for almost 10 years.

Oh, really? Okay: no idea they’ve been around for that long! (Wheelock may have introduced the LED Exceder in the early 2010s but I’m not sure when Edwards started rebranding it until they had their own LED NAs ready for launch)

I don’t know when Edwards started rebranding, mine is from 2014. If you know when the LED Exceeder’s where introduced, that’ll give you a rough timeframe when Edwards started rebranding.

According to the device spreadsheet I’ve made they were introduced in 2012 & kept on being sold until 2018, which is a year after the succeeding LED3-series started being sold: surprising I’d say considering Edwards’ actual LED Genesis series didn’t come out until 2018 (unless they sold rebranded LED Exceders from at least 2014 until then, even though they seem to be rare to find (though I suppose they & installers might have stuck mainly with xenon Genesises during that time which may explain why the rebranded LED Exceders are rare to find).

I think that Edwards only rebranded them for a short time, and that’s why they’re rare. Of course I don’t really know that. If they were rebranded longer, more people would have them because there would be a lot of old stock people would sell on eBay or other places.

These are what the current LED Genesis looks like, we just put them into an indoor mall turned outdoor strip plaza. First pic was an apartment upgrade to the horn only Genesis.

We removed the old Genesis after, the old system only had the one Genesis horn in the unit when we first did it in 2019, then we did this in 2024, we added 2 Genesis horns in the same unit.

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