New EST Panel

Edwards has introduced the new EST-3X as an apparent replacement of the EST-2.

I already like the new interface a lot better than the previous EST-2/3 one. The color display and button reduction seems like a move in the right direction.

Pretty cool! I am sure if they build another new school in my hometown, they will install that sort of panel, as all the new elementary schools built in Brockton since 1998 have used EST voice-evac fire alarm systems (the last two, built in 2008, have regular EST-3 voice-evac systems.)

Well it all depends on who wins the bid.

They don’t give a fuck. It’s only been explained 100 times.

I have changed my thinking on the colour screen. I like the idea of having bold text and red highlights for FIRE alarm indications, yellow for trouble, etc. I also like the knob instead of multiple buttons. I would love to play with the user functions.