New forum: Estimated value

I think adding a forum where we can ask about how much something is worth or how rare it is could be handy. We could add it to the Fire alarm & Security system Sales section. For example: How rare is a System Sensor 2300TB? (great example, just search it up on the forums and it only comes up a few times.)

How much is a Wheelock HSPW-24-HFR strobe retrofit plate worth? (Only comes up once, from a post by me)

Creating an organized section of these posts can provide info to people with these devices in their collection, selling them, or buying them.

Isn’t that what the ‘Flea Market’ section is for?

That’s typically for selling things, right? If I remember correctly, posts in that section also get automatically deleted. My suggestion is to make a more specific category. It doesn’t make sense to me to ask about something’s rarity in that section. I want to know the value and rarity of my System Sensor 2300TB but I don’t intend on selling it, so I don’t think it would fit into the flea market section. I also don’t want to put this in the fire alarm general discussion section, because it sounds like a good idea to put posts of this type in a place of its own, for curious people like me to find and read and eventually we may have a forum filled with rare and interesting devices.

It sounds like you are asking for something akin to an Appraisal section. In that case, randomperson is correct in that the Flea Market could a good place for this type of discussion - especially if you intended to sell the item (I realize in your case this is not the intent).

If that’s the case, I think a much simpler solution would suffice than creating an entire new sub-forum. We could create a stickied topic in the Fire Alarm General Discussion for appraising the value of odd devices, then all of the entries could be kept together within that topic.

In all reality, a rough estimate for the going price of most items can be found quickly by looking under the ‘Sold’ section of an eBay search. This topic would probably be limited to the occasional item for which a sales record cannot be found on eBay.