New Job

I was recently hired at a sprinkler company. I’ve spent the last few days in training, going with an inspector and learning how to do various sprinkler system inspections. Kind of neat, I get to see systems in buildings I normally wouldn’t get to see. Some of the systems are really interesting too.

Congrats! I wish my job was that interesting, haha.

It’s certainly interesting…that’s for sure. I travel all over NE with the companies inspector, assisting him with inspections of sprinkler systems. He usually operates the tamper valves and inspectors tests while I man the panel, letting him know when he gets certain supervisory or alarm signals, etc. We’ve also done a couple fire pump tests.

Cool! I just started my first “real job” this past summer for an electrical contractor in Illinois. I’m just doing the basic helper stuff for now, buts its still cool, I am starting to do a little more after a few months.