New Panel!

Well, after nearly a decade of collecting, I have finally gotten my hands on a Simplex 4100! This panel is very special to me as the school that I had attended growing up had THIS exact same panel. That system is really what had sparked my interest in this hobby and had introduced me to this awesome community. I just thought I would share it with everyone, as I am very happy that I have been able to finally reach this milestone in my collecting career, especially with something as special and sentimental as this is to me.


That’s actually a 4100U - the direct successor to the 4100.

Keep in mind that older addressable devices (like 2099-97XX pull stations, and the “wiffle-ball” detectors) cannot be used on a 4100U without a special loop card.

The pull station that’s sitting sideways on top is a 4099-9001, and is compatible.

Oh, I know it’s a 4100U, I made a typo now that I look back at my post. I will have to try to fix that.

Nice my dream panel is the 4100es

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Nice my dream panel is the 4100es


Definitely one of my dream panels as well, but they’re a real pain if you don’t have access to the programming software. Mine pretty much serves as a big display piece unfortunately…

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