New Rank for Fire Alarm Techs!

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed that a few members here (such as Lambda, Retired STR-SG, and BCarl) have their name in blue now and look like this:

Fire Alarm Technicians

I have created a special rank for fire alarm technicians, so that members on here know who is a tech and who is an enthusiast. This group will be for technicians only.

Eventually I will be adding custom sub-ranks for national certifications or other special positions in the industry. Upcoming so far will be NICET, IMSA, ASIS, etc, Certified, or a special rank for representatives of a fire alarm company. We have one member here who works for Gamewell-FCI who will be receiving that special rank.

I’m not sure if I have everyone so if you are a technician and wish to have this rank please PM to me ONE of the following:

→ The certification number for a NICET, IMSA, ASIS, or other national certification

→ A LinkedIn profile showing you work for a company

→ An employee profile on a company’s website

→ A scan or photo of a business card with your name on it

→ Some other sort of proof that you are a technician.

I have to have proof because there are some members on here who would pretend to be a tech so they can get the status. No offense to those members… lol.

Anyway I have added some members to the group already who I know are techs. To the members already in the group:

If you have any kind of certification then please PM me the certification number and I will add you to a special rank.

Thank you everyone, and have a great day.

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Hello Andrew,

How do you go about veting FA Tech’s and for whom they say they are?



As Andrew said in the previous post, some sort of proof, including one of the following, has to be provided.

Thank you Jared, Andrew,

I was more looking for a secure way to supply those actual credentials to the moderator.

As I am a University Campus Fire & Life Safety Systems Inspector, a Lic. KY Fire Alarm and KY Fire Sprinkler Inspector, NICET Level II Fire Alarm, and KY Fire Inspector II, Certified Arson I for First Responders, ICS & NIMS Certified.


PM me your NICET certification number and I’ll add you to the Technicians rank.

Not sure if I qualify for this rating.

I’m currently working towards my ASTTBC & CFAA certifications (if you know your accreditation bodies, you can tell from that I live in British Columbia, Canada). I finished top of the class in the Fire Alarm Inspection & Testing course, so the teacher hired me when he needed a 2nd body over the next year. Since last winter (2014) I’ve been working as a Fire Alarm Tech full-time with another company.

So… do I qualify? Or do I need to wait til I get an accreditation? Or more experience? I can PM a photo of my employer I.D. if that will help.

Go ahead and private message me a scan of the photo ID from your company.

Hey I’m new to the board. Currently a fire alarm technician employed with Protection 1/ADT. NICET 2 certified.

Welcome to the forums! I will PM you details of how to receive the “Fire Alarm Technician” user rank on this board.

Hello I am new to the forum and haven’t figured out how to private message yet. I am a fire alarm technician/designer/inspector employed at Central District Alarm, Inc for the last 16 years.

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Oh hey! There is finally another female on the board again! And she is a technician! Yay!

Back to the topic though, to PM you have to click on the users profile and then the option will be there.

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I wear multiple hats a technician is one of the more rewarding ones though. :slight_smile: And being female we are not always taken seriously. I strive to learn something new each day and if I did not well it was a wasted day. Happy to meet you as well. :smiley:

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Do you do fire alarm inspections?