New Simplex Alarm

Brand new in box. It’s got the user manual and everything.

Ooh, very nice! Not sure I knew that 4051s came in gray!

Why does the label say red but the horn is, as the box calls it, beige?

Manufacturing mistake or laziness if I had to guess.

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do you think the horn was put in a different 4051 box? also, wouldn’t the color selection be hand-marked with a pen, pencil, or stamp?

That could be what happened, though the “X” identifying the color appears to be printed rather than hand-drawn (as is the rest of the text).

right, but i was making the regard about the “X” since i am wondering if perhaps the label was a reprint?

It could have been just a lazily-reused red horn label.

Simplex putting things in wrong boxes is pretty common. I know the JCI office near us had issues with this. We kept ordering a specific Simplex T-Bar model, kept getting a different model because the box was labelled wrong, JCI knew, but never fixed it. We found out from another JCI office that this happened a while back.

That’s JCI for you nowdays: I’m sure back when Simplex was just Simplex & when they were owned by Tyco that no such stupid errors happened.

Oh yeah for sure. Plus the whole proprietary thing is the worst. I admit, their equipment does work very well. But, as a 3rd party company trying to get parts for these systems, it’s insane.

That’s not enough for me to overlook how crooked of a company JCI is (which is why my personal favorite brand is Edwards: unlike all the rest they still seem quite committed to both their customers & the industry, probably because they’ve had plenty of respectful parent companies over the years).

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