New Simplex Logo?

I was trying to find something in one of the newer Simplex manuals, and I noticed that there was a slightly different logo on it:

The “new” logo

The “old logo”

It’s really only just a font change (as well as the modified “E”), but I still thought that it was worth noting.

Has anybody else noticed this?

It’s not the first time that’s happened. From the 1970s until at least the mid-1990s, “Simplex” would be in a much smaller Arial or Helvetica typeface next to the hourglass logo:

(Yep, that’s a later Simplex 4207 fire alarm panel from 1978!)

I imagine the new font is only for use on any brand new Simplex panels, and on all their datasheets, currently. I know the 2099/4099 pull stations had the font updated around 2000 (when the current 2099 series first came out in 1991, it had the smaller “Simplex” text next to the hourglass S logo.

The -9838s and the 4903 rectangular series (like the -9219, -9422, -9236, etc) and the horn/speaker-only versions of said devices had the smaller text also. New/Current models have the newer text.

That I know too. I also have seen those 2098-9806 test stations and -9808 remote alarm indicators varying with the text as well. Though at the library at BSU, most of the 2098-9808 indicators have the newer logo/text, but one had the older version of the logo with the smaller text. Seeing as their fire alarm system was installed in 2005-2007 (non-voice Simplex 4100U), that one remote indicator was obviously new-old-stock.