New Simplex Panel again!

Introducing the new 4010ES which is part of the 4100ES line.



Coolz! 8)

Seems they’re still keeping the old 4010 as well (at least that data sheet is still up). Once again, it seems like another “useless” panel (similiar to the 4008). It’s basically just a regular 4100ES but with only one bay. And the annunciator is really a 4603-9101 minus one function button and LED…

I am going to bet they made this panel so it can be used with networked Simplex systems, like in conjunction with a TrueAlert weather notification system.

Your right, it is…

It also has the ability to have CO detectors installed on it, something the old one couldn’t. The old one DID have the ability to be networked though.

It seems that the defining feature of the ES series is going to be the Building Network Interface Card, or BNIC, which gives the panels IP connectivity over a building LAN. Essentially things like service and inspection capabilities can be increased in certain types of applications. Notifier has had the same capabilities for a while now, Fire Lite has an IP based communicator (DACT), and I haven’t kept up with any other systems to know which manunfacturer has what now. I believe Simplex has had the most robust network capabilities of any company though. 600+ panels over different loops type of networks is capable on ES platform. They have had a higher point capacacity networks developed with each generation of panel. A Notifier network has a 200 some odd point capacity. Edwards, Gamewell, and Siemens have large networked systems available, but Simplex still eclipses them. IP connectivity gives you greater access to the system. We are all familliar with Simplex’s proprietary nature. Adding devices requires their technician to go out and reprogram the panel with a laptop. Well with BNIC the program (and I would imagine the revised as built drawings too) can be delivered to the panel over LAN and even over the internet.

The 4010 original and 4008 are mid range addressable panels, very comparable to Fire Lite in the way they are configured. You don’t need a laptop with a program to program these panels, as with Fire Lite. That is where the 4010ES is different. It is laptop or remote programmed) Also, while expanding card and option capabilities, they lost a couple of system addresses. (4010 was a 250 pt. panel, ES has 248). Overall it is a 4100ES lite. Not sure whether it is an improvement on the previous product, we’ll see how it sells.