New Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms definitely are not the most populated in my collection. But here’s some I’ve gotten recently.

Model Numbers (Top left start)

Jameson Code One 2000 Model A (NIB)

General Electric 8201-401

Lifesaver 0905 (NIB)

MasterGuard MGB-380T

Thats sick
I don’t really have a home smoke detector collection but I do have 2
I have a gentex smoke detector with a strobe
And then a first alert I’m pretty sure
I’m not really smart with smoke detectors though

I’m not the smartest with smoke alarms either. I pretty much only know my models and that’s all.

It reminds me of a Gentex hardwired smoke detector. The strobless version of the ADA smoke.

These where made by Gentex. and from what I’ve found, MasterGuard is a name brand of Gentex (from what I’ve heard).

Gentex model is the 913T