New System Sensor addressable smoke and heat detectors

System Sensor has quietly released a new line of addressable smoke and heat detectors. Known as the Select Series, the new detectors are now designed to meet UL 268 7th edition requirements, as well as featuring a new look. The new detectors are available in photoelectric smoke, photoelectric smoke with remote test capability, photoelectric smoke with 135° fixed heat, 135° fixed heat, 135° fixed/rate of rise heat and 190° fixed heat versions. Notably, the new series does not include an Acclimate version.

With the release of this new series of addressable detectors, it is likely that the old series of addressable detectors will be discontinued soon. Below is a list of the replacements for each model number:


2251B – 2351B

2251BR – 2351BR

2251TB – 2351TB

5251B – 5351B

5251RB – 5351RB

5251H – 5351H

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … PDS899.pdf”>System Sensor | Honeywell Building Technologies</LINK_TEXT>

Yes, lots of changes in the pipeline for UL 268 7th edition. Honeywell is the first I’ve seen to put out new compliant smoke detectors, but other major players can’t be too far behind.

The new UL will effectively end every current smoke detector out there.

We’ll see lots of new models in the next year or two, and anything else will no longer be manufactured… lots of fire alarm upgrades in the near future.

What is that new UL rule requiring? I work with ULC stuff so usually we don’t get changes in codes until after the U.S. has. I’ve noticed it’s been harder to find conventional smoke detectors that are one piece. We were ordering the Edwards ESLs when they stopped them, now we use the System Sensor i3s.

faster detection with less false alarms. it’s been a struggle for manufacturers to meet, lots of r&d but the big ones are starting to pull through.

the basic idea is burnt popcorn shouldn’t set a smoke off. at the same time, they found when the current regulations were put into place, construction used a lot less synthetics so fires behaved differently, now fires move faster, burn hotter, etc so there was a need to update.

I wonder if System Sensor will release new conventional smoke detectors or if those will just be discontinued.

They probably will. Honeywell’s own security panels (ADEMCO Vista, etc.) and many others support, in some cases exclusively, the System Sensor i3 detectors. Also, most conventional fire alarm panels, save Siemens and maybe Bosch-Radionics, support and are UL-Listed to work with them too. Discontinuing their conventional detectors would mean a huge market loss.

I have seen at least one Bosch-Radionics system with i3 smoke detectors (they could have been on addressable monitor modules, but I doubt it).