New System Sensor Addressable Wireless A/V Devices

Are now available from Notifier, and likely all the other Honeywell brands soon too. Don’t know much about them other than that they are part of the SWIFT family. They were demonstrated at the last two annual Notifier conferences so they have been on the radar for a while.

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So these A/V bases don’t have to be connected to anything when you install the L-Series on them?

I was expecting these to require external power but 754 minutes for a horn strobe is insane. It shows how far technology has come.

you mean how long the horn/strobe goes off any time adds up to 754 minutes before it goes bad? Oh my god thats impressive.

How long is 754 minutes anyway? I may be wrong but it seems like 754 minutes isn’t that long. So after 754 minutes altogether pass the horn/strobe ends up failing?

I’m fairly certain the 754 minutes is in regards to the battery life on the wireless unit when activated, not the life of the device.

Has anyone used the swift wireless? last time I talked to the rep about it he downplayed it and said not ideal for large installs because the range is not great. I could see the wireless a/v being a great in multi-tenant residential retrofits where you need to add a horn in every unit. I’m skeptical of the wireless range but it will probably get better as time goes.

I wonder how well they work for buildings with 16 inches thick concrete wall

I guess the range might be similar to WiFi, but I wonder how many hops the signal can make before degrading. Each device was probably made with accurate transmission and battery life in mind, so I can’t imagine the range would be the best between devices with a 2+ year battery life.

So they can be easily ripped off the wall during a false alarm

Better than somebody throwing something at it which is what I’m pretty sure people in my family would do. :lol:

Yes. Its not so much the range (40’ between devices max) as the limit. Up to 40 devices on a loop, maxing out at 2 Gateways (ie, 80 devices) per panel.

The range is good, the frequency hopping is good, and the mesh restructures itself every couple of minutes.

Wi fi can jam it up, so installing near a repeater isn’t advised. When doing a site survey, a report is generated with signal strength, number of total channels, available channels and taken channels. Interference is also shown.

I have not used the wireless AV’s yet, but they would not work in multi-tenant. NFPA requires low frequency horns, and those are not released yet. They are coming though.