New weatherproof Eluxa devices

Weatherproof Eluxas have now been UL listed. The model numbers look weird, as there will be “EL3R” and “EL4X” models in addition to the “ELWP” models, which might mean the existing Eluxa devices will also be replaced. Alternatively, given the models “EL3RMP” and “EL4XBB,” the “3R” models might be flush mount like the E70 and MT while the “4X” models could be specifically designed for surface backboxes similar to the MT4. This could be important since it may mean the MIZ will be discontinued and replaced with the EL3RHN. Also, it may be worth noting that there are models “ELWPGSP(ST)” (and ELWPGST on this listing) which are replacement grilles for outdoor devices, according to this listing. Since there does not seem to be an ELWPGHN or ELWPGHS, the single tone horns will probably have the same large footprint as the future outdoor speakers, and the strobes may also have this large footprint.

Siemens also seems to have a new series of devices UL listed, but there is no indication in the model names that these devices are weatherproof. There are also listings for what appear to be separate colored lenses (which the Eluxa series does not currently have), which might mean Siemens will start producing their own devices again.

The devices do not appear to be CSFM listed at this time. I have also not seen any information about an Eluxa replacement for the RSSP. now has outdoor strobes such as the EL4XST. This was probably not meant to be published yet, as it does not seem to be on Eaton’s website.

The new strobe seems to have a similar boxy design to the outdoor L-Series, and it does mount to a large backbox similar to the ELSPK. It also looks like this strobe provides a full candela range and meets UL 1971 requirements, which was not the case for Wheelock’s previous weatherproof devices.

It also appears that the 4X indicates that the backbox is NEMA 4X rated and the EL3RMP will be NEMA 3R rated. The EL3RST can be found on ADI Global Distribution, but there is currently no information about the ELWP series.

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According to this thread, the devices were shown at the NFPA 2024 Conference & Expo. The outdoor grille looks like a larger version of the Edwards Genesis LED series weatherproof devices.