New Wheelock Site

The Wheelock name has just about been dropped. It only exists under the “Brands” tab, but once you click on “Additional Wheelock Product Information”, it just brings you to the products page where the Wheelock label ceases to exist. They took the AS, NS, and ZNS series off their products page. The AS and NS still appear on the regular product literature page, but the ZNS series appears on the discontinued product page. They also redid the sound clips page with new Safepath messages and have even uploaded the sound of the motor bells. Some of the sound effects are not correct though: the Exceder clips are of the AS, instead of themselves (they sound like NSs) and the MIZ is the piezo-electric version and not the electronic version (hence no code-3 sound clip). The NS sound clips are missing too even though the AS clips are there.

Lots of changes…

Wow…this certainly is news to me all right, but the good news is that the Wheelock name hasn’t died completely. :smiley:

Hmm, so Wheelock/Cooper Notification is the company that makes those clear signal covers that are installed over alarms. Unusually, they used one of those at the Kelly Gymnasium at Bridgewater State University to protect a Simplex 2098-9806 test station in the main gymnasium! (I know the cover was definitely installed with the rest of the Simplex system when the gym upgraded back in 2008.)

But no more Wheelock AS or NS. :frowning:

Wheelock is releasing some mass notification visual appliances soon!