newbie on FACP modules

GUys… Does anybody explain for me how these modules works “control,monitor, i/o modules” :smiley: what is the purpose of these rotating numbers… thank you so much…

This is all stuff related to addressable fire alarm systems.

It’s simple really – The modules are called I/O modules because I/O means “Input and Output”

Input modules are stuff like monitor modules and zone modules.

Output modules are stuff like control modules (also called signal modules) and relay modules.

A monitor module is used to monitor a set of contacts, such as the switch in a pull station. A common use for a monitor module is to make old conventional pull stations addressable as a monitor module used with the existing pull station is significantly cheaper than an addressable pull station.

A zone module is used to connect a conventional zone to an addressable fire alarm control panel. A common use is for retrofitting an addressable panel into an old conventional system. it’s not commonly done, however, as most people opt to just upgrade to addressable.

A control module outputs voltage when it is turned on and is often used to turn on a signal of some sort. A common use for a control module is to turn on horn/strobes in an apartment.

A relay module turns on a Form C relay when it is turned on, which can be used to switch something. A common use for a relay module is to release door holders.

The dials you speak of are used for setting the device’s address. On an addressable system each device has an address used to communicate with the panel over a data loop called an SLC. That way you know exactly what device was activated. You can have hundreds of devices on a single wire run.

Every brand (except for EST, Honeywell Eclipse, and Ademco V-Plex) use a static address. The dials are used for setting the address on System Sensor-brand modules and detectors. Other brands use DIP switches, handheld plug-in programmers, or punch-cards. EST, Honeywell Eclipse, and Ademco V-Plex use a self-addressing system based on factory-set serial numbers, so these devices do not have address selection switches.

Since you’re new to this stuff I’d highly recommend reading the topics in our Beginner’s Section…

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Thank you so much sir Andrew for that brief information. Actually this is my first time JOB as a fire alarm engineer here in UAE and all of these stuff are all new for me. :smiley: maybe months,for sure i can understand all these things. thank you once again.