NFS-320 programming in a disabling switch

I have a NFS-320, we have programmed in a module that is connected to a keyed switch. We have figured out how to disable out the NAC signal for a particular zone, but i would like to disable it completely. When I say completely, I dont want any device in the zone to send any sort of signal to the panel.

issue now is that our panel still lights up a fire alarm red led light and has a local alarm inside the panel go off. It also engaged the alarm latching circuit which we use for calling out a notification to personnel.

I believe if you disable a general zone, if it’s the first zone on the list, it will disable all of the devices also asociated with that zone.

Yes, but so far i can only do that in the programming. I would like to run a logic to a keyed switch to turn off that zone.

Being that this is an addressable panel the only way would be to cut communication through the slc loop which would put the panel into trouble. So the only way to disable it completely would be through programming.

you will need little more than a key switch to do that, still is a fire alarm system that will try to inform you if something is not in the normal state, can try with an annunciator, ACM-24AT is the best that can suit your needs. better turn it off if you want 100% “disabling”

I have done this before on an NFS 640 panel. The 320 programs the same way.

Connect your keyswwitch to a monitor module input.
Program the monitor module with TYPE CODE LABEL as “DISABLE MONITOR”
Assisgn the monitor module the same CBE zone as the one you want to bypass.

This is similar to what i have done now. I have all my smokes on zone 1, and disable NAC1 when a monitor in the switch is activated. Can it be programmed to disable that zone only?

Yes, that should work. I don’t usually use any of the default zones and create my own zoning startiing at zone 10. Do you want to disable the smokes and the NAC, or just the NAC? You may need to use CBE 2 to do this instead of CBE 1.

Just saw your bypass switch. CBE 1 should be fine.