NFS-640 and ACPS-2406 on same pair of batteries?

Hi everyone,

Just have another quick question about my Notifier 640. I’m working on rebuilding the panel and plan on adding an ACPS-2406 addressable power supply I have laying around to run some strobes on my demo system and am wondering if the ACPS-2406 and the 640 can share the same pair of 10AH batteries? I noticed that the ACPS-2406 has a Batt In and Batt Out and was wondering if the Batt Out is designed to go to the battery terminal on the CPU-640 while the Batt In goes to the batteries themselves? Or does each need its own set of batteries? The system isn’t that large either, so having a large amount of backup power isn’t a concern for me, I just need to make sure I clear out the battery trouble. If anyone could let me know I’d appreciate it. Thanks again!

I wouldn’t recommend using the same batteries on 2 panels at the same time; the panel not only uses the batteries as emergency power, it charges them during standby. You run the risk of one panel sending charging voltage INTO the other panel’s battery connections, which would at best kill the charging circuit (and thus a permanent battery fault), and at worst kill the entire panel.