Nicet Level 4

Hello my name is Victor, I’ve been in fire alarms for 12 years now. I hold my FAL license here in Texas, but now I see you must have a NICET to be secure for the future. I’ve been researching study sites like firetech that I heard is really a good place to help you pass all your NICET, but i didn’t see anything for level 4??? Does anyone now where I can find a study site for level 4??? Are there any level 4’s out there??? Can anyone offer any advice? I need help and I really wanna secure my future early, I’m only 31. How beneficial could it be if I could be level 4 on fire alarms, test and inspection, and water base and special hazards?

Level 4 is more field experience than anything else. Basically you need to show that you can engineer/layout/design and run a large installation from start to finish. Not sure if there’s a study guide for that.

If you use FB, there’s a NICET group on there that is helpful with a lot of pointers, etc…

I was going to go for level 4 (I’m 3) back in the 90’s but moved into management so didn’t have the need for it and let it lapse. I had to recertify with the computer based stuff. I could probably get 4 since I think it’s still mostly a write up of how to do a job start to finish.