Nick's FA Collection 2.0!

Hey everyone,

Been awhile since I’ve provided any update on my collection. Since my last collection post I’ve actually gotten rid of a lot of things and purchased a few new things at the same time (still have way too much stuff though). So with out further ado, here’s everything I’ve got as of May 2019:

Fire Alarm Control Panels:

1: Simplex 4010 (Out of service - needs new SFIO)*
2: FCI 7200 Micro
3: Notifier NFS-640
4: FireLite MS-9200UDLS

(My Notifier AFP-200, EST-2, Simplex 2001 and Siemens XLS have all been sold to another collector).

Addressable Devies:

1: Notifier NBG-12LX (2) addressable pull station
2: Notifier MMX-101A mini monitor module (CLIP protocol)
3: Notifier FDM dual monitor module
4: Notifier FSP-851 photo smoke
5: Notifier FSP-751 photo smoke
6: FireLite BG-12 pull station
7: FireLite MMF-101 mini monitor module
8: Simplex 4099-9001 (2) addressable pull station
9: Simplex 4098-9757 + 4098-9788 Quick-Connect addressable TrueAlarm photo smoke
10: Honeywell S464A pull station
11: IBM 251-1 Chevron pull station
12: RSG RMS-1P pull station
13: Siemens HFPT-11 heat detector

Notification Appliances:

1: System Sensor P2R horn strobe (SprectrAlert Advance)
2: System Sensor P241575 horn strobe (SpectrAlert “Classic”)
3: Gentex GEC3-24WR horn strobe (Commander 3)
4: Wheelock E70-24MCW speaker strobe
5: Wheelock AS-24MCW horn strobe
6: Wheelock ZNS-24MCW horn strobe
7: Wheelock HSR horn strobe (Exceder)
8: Wheelock MT-24LSM horn strobe
9: Simplex 49AV-WRF addressable horn strobe (TrueAlert ES)
10: Simplex 49CMT-WWF multi-tone horn (TrueAlert)
11: Simplex 4906-9127 SmartSync horn strobe (TrueAlert)
12: Simplex 4906-9101 SmartSync strobe (TrueAlert)
13: Simplex 4906-9254 addressable SmartSync speaker strobe (TrueAlert)
14: Simplex 4903-9237 horn strobe


1: Notifier FCM control module
2: Notifier LCD-80TM Terminal annunciator
3: Notifier LCD-80 ACS annunciator
4: Simplex 4603-9101 annunciator
5: Simplex 4606-9101 annunciator
6: Notifier LEM-320 loop card (for NFS-640)
7: Notifier UDACT dialer (for NFS-640)

Really like the collection that you have! Nice haul so far!

Thank you! I am trying to downsize my collection though. I’m starting to focus more on getting into the field for a living (currently in college for a mechanical engineering degree for a career in fire protective engineering) rather than collecting. However, I will say it has been fun collecting as much as I have over the past eight years.

So are you gonna be giving some of your collection away?

Not that I know of as of the moment…I am willing to sell certain things for a small price when the time is right. I just sold my 4010 as I am trying to obtain additional parts for my Notifier NFS-640 demonstration system (just bought two annunciators and addressable devices) and plus I’m not that big of a fan of Simplex anymore anyways. If I do decide to get rid of more I will probably post something under the flea market section of the forums.

If you aren’t a fan of Simplex anymore then what brand are you into now?

For me, I prefer Honeywell products (Notifier/Gamewell-FCI/FireLite/Silent Knight) due to the simple fact that they are much easier to work with and are less proprietary. Simplex products are still fantastic don’t get me wrong, but they are not the most collector friendly (especially the newer stuff) in my own opinion.

Well if you are interested in Notifier, I’m here for you getting some older alarms from them! :mrgreen: