No strobe in unisex restroom at the local Target with the new fire alarm system.

The local Target recently got a fire alarm system replacement during its remodel. Went from red NH horns on the poles and white RSS strobes on the ceiling to white L-series on the ceiling. The small unisex restroom by the pharmacy had a red RSS strobe on the wall with the old system. They took that out and closed the back box. The new system has no strobe in the unisex restroom. Seems strange.

Do the other restrooms have anything in them now?

If I recall, they said that there are L-Series strobes on the ceiling in bathrooms

The above post stated that the Target itself not the bathrooms had ceiling-mounted L-Series. That is why I asked.

Yes, the restrooms up front have white L-series remote strobes on the ceiling. I’ve only been in the men’s room, but the women’s room is probably the same.

Well I’m sure that they will eventually get to it when it comes to the unisex bathroom. I doubt it was done deliberately.

I went in there again today. Still no NA in the unisex restroom. It seems like the new system just lacks a strobe in the small one person unisex restroom while having strobes in the large restrooms.

Something that was added to the unisex restroom during the store remodel is a PA speaker. They now play music in there. The whole store got new PA speakers. They replaced the PA speakers mounted on the support beams with PA speakers mounted on the ceiling and they now play music in the store.

Well if the bathroom is only for one person in the store, that may be why they didn’t put a strobe in it since they figured it might be easy to get out since it is so small though some one person restrooms DO have strobes.