NOAA Weather Radio

Does anyone on here own a NOAA Weather Radio? Or do you have a collection of NOAA Weather Radios? If so, what radios do you have in your collection?

In my collection I have:

-Midland WR-100
-Midland WR-120EZ
-Eton Zoneguard
-RadioShack 12-382
-RadioShack 12-522
-RadioShack 12-093

More radios may be added to my collection during Christmas, this list will be updated once I purchase new radios.

I do have a weather radio. It’s a cheapo Oregon Scientific All-Hazards radio.

As for collections, I don’t have (or intend to have) a weather radio collection. Although, now it seems like a good hobby. :smiley:

I have a really old Realistic cube-shaped radio with a single button on top, two knobs on the bottom, and an antenna. The knobs select the channel and volume and the button turns it on/off.

I have a CB radio that came out of my dad’s van when he bought it. I think it tunes to NOAA bands when it turns on.

Update to my collection, I purchased the Capello CR2W at my local target last Friday, that now makes seven radios in my collection.

Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve been on here. But I have a tremendous update!

Since my last post on here, I had the following radios:

-Midland WR-100
-RadioShack 12-382
-RadioShack 12-522
-RadioShack 12-093
-Eton ZoneGuard
-Midland WR-120EZ
-Capello CR2W

It has been over a year since I’ve updated this, but here goes nothing. These are the following radios that I have added to my voluminous collection:

-RadioShack 12-993
-Midland WR-10
-Midland HH50
-RadioShack 12-500
-Reecom R-1630
-Midland WR-300
-RadioShack 12-519
-Eton Solarlink FR370
-Sangean CL-100
-La Crosse 810-805
-AlertWorks EAR-10
-RadioShack 12-247A
-Midland HH54VP
-Uniden Bearcat BC345CRS

They’re still coming folks! :smiley:

I had an old Midland WR-100 that stopped working, and I haven’t bothered to get a new one since. It’s not all that much of an issue where I live because my phone automatically alerts me to any severe weather in my area, which doesn’t happen all that often anyway. I plan to get one when I move to Stillwater for college, because Oklahoma’s smack in the middle of Tornado Alley, but the campus has tornado sirens, so I don’t know.

most of oklahoma probably has tornado sirens, and your phone will alert you too.

Yeah, but those sirens are designed to be OUTDOOR warning system, so it wouldn’t be bad to get a weather radio for your house.

I have:
A Midland HH54VP converted into an HH54VP2
A Midland WR-120EZ

I’d imagine you’d be able to hear outdoor sirens throughout the entire campus. Like I said, I’ll probably have a weather radio in my dorm, but the campus is small enough that a single siren could probably cover the entire campus.

Ah! I did not know you lived on a college campus. I guess then you would be able to hear them.

I don’t actually live on campus yet - I ship out in July.

Wow, this topic is old. This topic didn’t even make it to the days when NWS switched from CRS to BMH.

Currently, in my collection, I have:

  • Midland WR120
  • Midland WR100 Version 3
  • Midland WR100 Version 1 (Black & Silver)
  • Midland HH54VP2
  • Midland ER102MO
  • RadioShack 12-262
  • RadioShack 12-996
  • RadioShack 12-519
  • RadioShack 12-260
  • Alert Works EAR-10
  • Emerson Research CKW2000
  • Emerson Research CKW3000
  • Sima First Alert WX268

I used to have more but I’ve gotten rid of some due to RF interference appearing in my room thanks to poorly shielded Cat5e ethernet cables that are positioned upwards along the walls.

Currently have 10:
RadioShack 12-249
RadioShack 12-250
RadioShack 12-254
RadioShack 12-259 (dead tuner)
Midland 74-210
Midland WR-100 V5
Midland WR-120EZ
Eton Solarlink FR370
AcuRite 8550 (bad speaker)
Uniden Bearcat BC125AT

It’s been a while and I decided to delete my updated collection post from a little bit ago, and put this here instead.
Anyways, here’s my current collection in each of their setups:
On my stereo (Left to right):
RadioShack 12-250
RadioShack 12-247A (Top)
Weatheralert TA-C1 (Bottom)
RadioShack 12-249 (In front)
Eton Solarlink FR370 L.L. Bean (Behind the 249)

On my TV stand:
Sima First Alert WX-67

On my shelf above my TV (Left to right):
Oregon Scientific WRS101
Oregon Scientific WR106

On my subwoofer (front to back):
Reecom R-1650A
Midland WR-100 (Version 5)

Bottom of my shelf:
Alert Works EAR-10 (Photo is an old one from when my WX-67 was above it)

In the window:
RadioShack 12-254

At my dad’s in a spare bedroom:
AcuRite 8550

Out of service:
Midland WR-120EZ (Power cord is on my Reecom and I already have to use 10 batteries so I’d rather not use 14, behind both the 259 and phone case)
RadioShack 12-259 (Dead tuner)

Never in an official spot:
Uniden Bearcat BC125AT

Yeah, I got a lot.

Sorry for the constant posting in this channel, but here is all the radios I’ve recieved since I went inactive on here:
-General Electric 7-4845A.

-Sears SR 3000 Series.

-RadioShack 12-261 (2005).

-Eton ESP2100.

-RadioShack 12-245A.

-Midland WR-300 (Version 5).

-Weatheralert TA-18.
-Realistic 12-151A.
-Motorola Talkabout MH230TPR.

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