Notification Appliance Compatibility Question

I recently bought a new SPF-5UD Notifier Panel, and have Spectralert classic and Advance Horn/Strobes hooked up to it. I was wondering if I could hook up a Simplex 2903-9101 horn with a 4903-9101 strobe. This device is not included in the panels Compatibility sheet and just want to make sure so I don’t damage a new panel.

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Second, No Im afraid you cannont hook up the 4903 strobe to that panel since it puts out Full Wave Rectfied power. Which means most Simplex devices from the 90’s onwards will not work with this panel. It will fry them… Heres a list of the panels that Notifier makes and what power they output.

<URL url="Notifier & Fire-Lite: Filtered or Full Wave Rectified? text=“viewtopic.php?t=6616”>Notifier & Fire-Lite: Filtered or Full Wave Rectified?

Great thanks for the helpful tip

Since the panels compatibility sheet listed the Spectralert Advance P4R and the spectralert 12241575 horn strobe they are ok to use on the system right? lastly is a Siemens SXL-EX panel FWR or filtered?

They output filtered DC. Be careful though, because I have trouble operating some older electromechanical horns on mine.

Do you think it would be filtered if I fed the strobe through an MDL module?

Nope. MDL modules don’t contain filtering capacitors. I assume you’re still talking about the SFP-5UD, right? CCS46 may not have made this clear, but Simplex’s signals made in the 90s that look rectangular, like this one from Jared’s collection absolutely will not work on panels that output FWR, like yours. Older devices, like the 4903-9101 you mentioned (it looks like this) should be able to work, as it was designed for panels like the 4001, which outputs FWR if batteries are not present in the panel. I would wait until someone who has more experience with Simplex signals can shed some more light on the subject, but, in short, the MDL would only sync your Spectralert strobes, which the SFP-5UD does already.

Yes, the 4903-9101 will indeed work with your 5UD. I’ve used that combination before and had no issues.

That picture is the 4903-9102 (light plate). This and this are the 4903-9101 strobe plates.

The ones I am talking about the older ones which is the 4903-9101 which can be mounted to a horn, strobe up or strobe down. So this older one will work with the SFP-5UD on FWR?

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 4903-9101/”></LINK_TEXT>

Here is a pic to clarify the model

Indeed it will. I just linked the wrong image. The -9102 is a light plate, like Jared said, but the two look almost identical.

Great, thanks, for the fast reply!

Will a simplex 2901-9838 horn be compatible with the SFP-5UD ?

It’s not listed in the compatibility sheet, but if you were to hook it up it would work fine. The FWR would just make the horn sound raspy.

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