Notifier 320 clip mode

Notifier 320 replaced a 200
Old style, metal enclosure monitor modules left on SLC
Random invalid responses on whole loop
Last visit module 7 went invalid, the loop of 30 devices cleared. When #7 went clear, the whole loop went invalid. Changed#7, panel cleared for over a month. Trouble is still there. Panel in clip mode. Any limits to addressing the modules in clip mode?
Possible a single module bad?
Most modules in sprinkler room
Replace all old modules?
Need some advice!

could be a lot of things, too many T-Taps, bad device(s), or bad SLC wiring, better start replacing old-style modules/detectors and switch to flashscan protocol

CLIP mode is 01 to 99 device addressing

Ok Thanks
Thought there was a limit to 320 clip mode
I remember reading somewhere that module addresses are limited to #30?