Notifier 415 key

Has anybody ever heard of one of these before? I just got one and it solves the mystery of what key fits my old BG-1.

I’ve never heard of it, but then I don’t remember coming across any of the BG-1s to need it.

I’ll add it to my list however! I’ve been trying to keep track of key numbers and panels for the past couple of years to build a spreadsheet for reference.

Apparently they’re similar to the EST CAT-45 key. If you fiddle with the pins in the BNG-1s lock, you can get that key to open it.

Never heard of a 415 key, and my company used to be an official supplier & installer for Notifier!

Then, again, I’m always finding oddly #'d keys around the shop & have no clue what the @&#$ they fit. That spreadsheet plan sounds like a fantastic idea! Posting it, or a link to it or something, could prove a tremendous help, especially for those of us who work on different makes & models of equipment on a daily basis.

It could even be an “info exchange” kind of thing. Got an odd key you’ve never seen before? Post the # and maybe someone can I.D. it.

Just a thought…