Notifier AFC-600 Fire Alarm Panel

I recently completed building my Notifier AFC-600! This is the 1st fire alarm panel to use the FlashScan addressable protocol, used by Notifier’s Onyx and Inspire series. These panels were first produced in the late 90s and presumably had a short lifespan (the 1st Onyx panels were released in the early 2000s). The AFC-600 has a maximum capacity of 636 addressable devices (318 detectors and 318 modules over 2 SLCs).

The AFC-600 CPU is very similar to the AFP-300/400 panels. There are 2 SLC loops on the AFC-600, like the AFP-400, with the main difference being the FlashScan protocol. The SLCs on the AFC-600 can be programmed to use FlashScan or CLIP protocols.

The AFC-600 uses the MPS-6 power supply, with a similar layout to the MPS-400. Unlike the MPS-400, this power supply does not use transformers, which cuts down substantially on the weight of the panel. In fact, the MPS-6 can be used on the AFP-400 and vice versa.

My AFC-600 is a bit of a Frankenstein creation, using an SBB-400 backbox and a NISCAB-3 door. Luckily, most of Notifier’s mini cabinets have a similar form factor, so some parts are interchangeable. If I ever find a proper CAB-600AA for this panel, I will happily transfer the components over to the proper cabinet.

Given their short lifespan, AFC-600s are harder to find than other AFP panels. The few that I’ve seen on eBay are often thousands of dollars (just for the CPU)! I was lucky to get this CPU and MPS-6 for about $200 (with a spare CHS-4). I think the AFC-600 served as a fine transition between the older AFP panels and newer Onyx panels.