Notifier AFP-1010

Hello everyone. I’ve recently acquired a notifier AFP-1010 fire alarm panel and I have a few questions for it. One of my questions I’d regarding the type of power connection cables to use. It looks like the panel uses some type of ribbon cable to connect to a port on the panel marked “P2” and another cable that apparently connects to the top of a distribution board but I don’t know how I’d be able to get the cable and my second question is if I can use newer notifier addressable devices on this panel (Such as a FSP-851/FSP-951 or the newer NBG-12LX)

Here are is a photo of the panel IMG_20210801_131017_749|500x500

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I’ll defer the other questions to someone else, but here’s some info.
AFP-series panels use the CLIP protocol, not the current FlashScan protocol.
For the specific devices you asked about, here’s the details about compatibility.
NBG-12LX (All versions): Compatible.
FSP-851 (and -751, for that matter): Compatible.
FSP-951: NOT compatible. Use the FSP-951-IV instead.

If the documentation lists the device as compatible with CLIP protocol, yes. If it’s listed as FlashScan only, then no. FSP-951 is FlashScan only, FSP-951-IV is CLIP-compatible.

Here are the top things to know when using newer devices on CLIP-only panels:

  1. Device address numbers may not be set to values above 99.
  2. Device status LED’s will flash red only.

Thank you very much for the information on addressable devices. it has helped a lot