Notifier AFP-200 point clearing.

So I have a notifier AFP-200 and for some reason i can’t clear the devices. Any help. BTW; I don’t have the installers code or any devices in line.

Do a factory Reset on the panel. that is the only way.

How do i do that?

I have no idea ask a user to PM you how to factory reset that panel

Since you don’t have the installer’s code, it may be impossible. Additionally, you may not be able to do a factory reset on this panel.

Here is the manual, as well as other related documents, just in case you don’t have them:

A factory reset will bring every thing back as it was new what I was saying is that I do not now how to factory reset one of those panels

Please note that I have no first-hand experience with the AFP-200 or Notifier panels in general, so take my suggestions at your own risk…

Firstly, did you try the default program change password? If you don’t know it, it’s on page 66 in the instruction manual listed above.

I believe there is a factory reset for the AFP-200, but Notifier only gives that information over the phone to authorized dealers. Try contacting YouTube user “jake479925” - he’s a technician and has an AFP-200 installed on his property.

If you have no luck with finding a reset method, you might be able to default it by replacing the firmware EEPROM on the board. Search AFP-200 on eBay and you’ll find a number of EEPROMS for sale. See if there’s one that matches the version of the current EEPROM on your board. But before you shell out the cash for one, I’d recommend asking someone with more Notifier experience if this will effectively solve your problem. Kyle on the Fire Alarms for NICET Facebook group may be able to help. I’m not sure if the settings are stored on a different medium or if upgrading to a firmware version that’s older or newer than your panel would cause problems.

Destin, I heard all you had to do is short two terminals during startup?

Don’t say how to do it here PM him to ask how to do it

Some panels use that method, but that’s not as common as a key combination. I’m not sure what it would be for the AFP-200 or if it even has the feature.

To answer your PM publically, EEPROMS are user-replaceable. You’ll see a chip on your board that’s labeled something like “AFP200NET SUM DA00” - you can pull it out and swap it with another one.

A forum is here to help…

<URL url="Resetting the EEPROM on a Silent Knight 5204 text=“viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5813”>Resetting the EEPROM on a Silent Knight 5204

I would like to quote Newageserver

Yes, it is against the rules to publically post any information like that because there is the possibility that somebody could disable an actual life safety system.