Notifier AFP-400 with ATG-2

Lately, I’ve been building some larger Notifier panels, and this AFP-400 is my first completed project!

This cabinet came with a CPU-400 and a CRM-4, apparently pulled out of a chemical facility that has since been torn down. Some components were damaged in shipping, including the power supply, so a few things were replaced/repaired.

After repairs, I added a VCM-4 module (far right) and began to work on adding voice-evac capability for the system.

Below the CPU row, I added an ATG-2 audio tone generator and an AA-30 amplifier. The ATG-2 is a simplified version of the AMG-1; it has no voice messages, but can generate its own tones and has paging capability (it can also be connected to an AMG-1). I was also lucky enough to find a DPSW-1 to cover up the row.

The bottom row houses the power supply (MPS-400) and batteries. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a dress panel specifically for the MPS-400, as the BP-3 is meant for the MPS-24A.

My general goal with these builds is to have a mostly complete demo system within the cabinet itself. Hence, I utilize 2 relays on the CRM-4 to simulate fire/security alarm conditions without needing to hook up external devices. The only device I would need to wire up is a speaker. I’m also using a single amplifier for both the evac and alert channels on the ATG-2, which is normally accomplished with 2 amplifiers. Bit of an unconventional setup, but I’m happy it fits within the confines of this cabinet.

Despite some early setbacks, I’m very happy that this project is now completed. I’m a big fan of the 90s Notifier panels, for their range of features and customization. Best of all, everything can be programmed from the keypad. A very awesome addition to my collection of panels!


Wow! That’s very nice. Some buttons to trigger different messages would be cool too

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I have something like that here. The ATG-2 has no voice messages, but it has 2 channels for tones. I have the wiring so I can sound the evac or alert tones with the buttons.

I’m working on an AM-2020 with an AMG-1 where you can press buttons (on an annunciator) to play different messages.

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Do you have the parts to network these panels together? That would be interesting to see.

Not yet, but that is a long-term goal.

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What would be interesting is to see a modern ONYX panel networked to these as well. I think if you have the right cards it is possible.

Yep! I’m looking at possibly getting an NFS2-640, and I can network it to the older CLIP panels via NOTI-FIRE-NET.

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Can the tones be coded so you can just set them to continuous and have the nac code them?

The ATG-2 relies on a NAC input to play tones, so you can probably just send the coded NAC right to the ATG-2.

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THIS IS AWESOME, Notifier panels are the BEST.

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Sadly the amg can only play certain tones depending on the dip switches. The tones you can activate using the annunciator are just the drill tone, silence tone, and alarm tone

For the AFP-300/400 and AFC-600, there’s 3 options of tones/messages: no alarm bell 1 active, alarm with bell 1 active, and alarm with bell 1 inactive. From the DIP switch options, you can only utilize either both VROMs or both VRAMs (amongst other options). This limitation is the reason why I installed my AMG-1 in my AM-2020, since that panel has options that can use all 4 voice chips at once (along with manual control from an annunciator).