Notifier Compatibilty to Simplex 4009 IDNet to System Sensor/Wheelock/Gentex

Quick question(s):

  • Can the NFW-100X fire a Simplex NAC Extender 4009 IDNet from a NAC from a strict compatibility standpoint?
  • Are Simplex NAC Extender 4009 IDNet’s compatible with System Sensor/Wheelock/Gentex?

    Thanks for the help.


The Simplex 4009A has hardwired control inputs. These are compatible with most standard reverse polarity NAC supplying filtered power. I have no information about your specific panel.

The 4009A has internal sync for Simplex and Cooper Wheelock notification appliances. All appliances must be the same type on all circuits when using hardwired control. If different circuits contain other devices appropriate sync modules for each circuit must be used. Simplex and Cooper Wheelock appliances are considered special application by UL so the power supply is rated 8 amps. If any other brand NAs are used the power supply is rated 6 amps by UL regulated 24 rules.

Some information about the 4009A is available here: