Notifier Emhart “Mini Fridge” FACP Photos & Diagrams Wanted!

Been trying to fix up this old & rare Notifier Emhart FACP recently but cannot seem to find anything on these. I’d really like to see photos of more of these panels, or better yet even schematics of how to wire it, as all I know as of now is where the lamps and power is applied, but want to know how to wire alarms and pull stations.



I would donate this to a fire museum!

Nah man I would lock it in a display case and keep it by my collection shelf

Any fire museum will gladly accept donations. A lot of these systems are becoming rarer as time goes on.

it would be hard to part with

The older mechanical systems are designed to last forever. It is very rare for something to go wrong with these old systems, unlike the newer systems which are made so cheaply.

This is a matter of morality. Do you give it up to bring the public joy, or keep it to yourself for more joy? I think we need a philosopher on this one.