Notifier id2000 panel

Notifier i got from a pull out at a hospital in the netherlands.
You guys are probably not familiar with these but these are western europe notifier panels
Model is now an id2002 2 loop clip panel but it used to be a id2008 8 loop panels but the extra loop cards got removed. These are most similar to afp400s but lasted longer

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I’m familiar with this panel
I’ve seem them in England

ooh nice thats cool. they are nice panels i must say

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Ye they are good panels

THAT IS REALLY COOL, Notifier panels across the pond are really fascinating to me.
Do these panels need VeriFier Tools? Do you have any Notifier call points?


KAC makes Notifier call points

it is a different software call id2000/id3000 config which i have. i do not have call points yet but planning to get some when i find some for cheap