Notifier NFS-640 RAM Battery Help

Hi everyone,

I have a Notifier NFS-640 that is giving me a BAT. BACKUP RAM trouble. After consulting the 640’s manual, I found that this trouble means that the RAM battery is in need of replacement. The manual says that the battery is a snap-in battery, which means it is replaceable. However, I don’t see anywhere on the board to where a battery would be. If any of you know where the battery may be on the CPU-640 board and what type of battery I would need (am assuming its a 3V CMOS battery), I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!

-Nick B.

It’s a yellow square looking snap on battery… make sure u have the panel programming before removing that battery. All program will be lost when u remove it.

Ok, I see exactly what you are talking about. I can see that the battery itself sits on top of the RAM chip, so what would be the best way to remove the battery? (I would assume you would use an IC chip puller?) I don’t want to accidentally snap the RAM chip off the board, as that would be next to impossible to re-soldier.

As far as losing programming goes, I would only lose things such as devices and specific programming for my system and NOT the actual firmware that the panel operates on? I just want to make sure that I am doing everything correctly. Thanks!

Yeah you can use the chip remover. Or a small precision screwdriver and pry it up. As far as programming goes your correct. The firmware will not be affected.