Notifier Onyx Smoke Control Programming Help

Hello All,

First post here. I program smoke control buildings in the Bay Area. We are in a pickle. IFC 2015 909.16.3 states that “The last control action as indicated by each fire fighter’s control panel switch position shall prevail. Control actions shall not require the smoke control system to assume more than one configuration at any one time.”.

To us, this seems like the Smoke Control Panel needs to actuate only the last used knob, releasing the previous smoke zone activation despite the position of the knob. I.e. Floor 1 manual control zone turns to ON, then Floor 2 manual control zone turns to ON, the system should release Floor 1 and activate Floor 2.

How in the world would you be able to create a “First In” logical argument?

Or are we reading these requirements incorrectly? The author of the Smoke Control Report is taking this all verbatim, so I may not have the original intent understood in the code.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.


Austin Dean

I should clarify “First In”:

It should be LAST in. As in, Z1 activates, then Z2. Device associated with Z1 should deactivate upon Z2 activation. If Z3 activates, then devices associated with Z1 and Z2 should also deactivate… etc. There are 22 floors!

Your understanding of that is as good as mine… I’d suggest reaching out to the local AHJ for confirmation.