Notifier Panels That Poll With Addressable Pull Station?

Besides the:

are/were there any other Notifer addressable control panels that can poll with the NBG-12LX (this includes discontinued products).

Sorry for this question, I couldn’t find anything on the Bing or Notifier’s website.

AFP series can:


Thanks, but those panels definitely aren’t the ones I’m looking for. If those are the only other ones that can poll with NBG-12LX’s, my school must have the NFS-320. It looks kind of like it. I would have to look at it again.

I have another question: Would a trouble prevent the drill function from working on the NFS-320? Any other reason why the drill function would not work on this or any other Notifier panels?

Also, is it customary (or required) for buildings to have the phone number of the monitoring station near the panel, or on site anywhere?

I know these questions are suspicious, but I’m trying to figure out exactly why we aren’t having drills, and I will pass a tip along to administration that they can call the monitoring station and then pull the alarm.

Thanks in advance! Thanks in SpectrAlert Advance(d)!

There’s also the AFP-300/400/1010, AM1010, AM2020, and the FireWarden series. Any panel that’s compatible with the System Sensor addressable protocol is compatible with the NBG-12LX.

Nope. Each NAC may have to be programmed to activate on drill, but all NAC’s on continuous is usually the default.

Yes, most panels will have either a sticker with the contact information of the service company or a phone number sharpied somewhere on the cabinet. Not sure if any localities would require it, but it’s in the best interest of the company to make themselves easily reached in the event of an issue.

It’s probably just that the school is in no hurry to do drills since it interrupts class time and can be contingent on the weather. The high school I went to only had 3 or 4 per year. Enforcement of codes is fairly lax where I live.

What do you mean? That during a drill the panel will do a different coding option than during a real alarm? So the drill function should always work unless there is a problem with the fire alarm control panel?

This school used to conduct fire drills (I think the required ten per year). The administrator that I talked to sounded like that he though we should be doing fire drills, I could tell by the way he responded. He said they aren’t conducting them anymore because there was a problem with the control panel. I’m thinking there is just a trouble or something, and they didn’t know what it mean. I’ll ask what they used to do for drills, because I reeeeeealy want fire drills.

I know for sure that the pull stations activate the system, so either way they can pull a pull station to activate it for a drill.

PS: The FireWarden series poll with the NOT-BG12LX, along with the Spartan. Thanks for the other panels, though! I’m not even sure what the discontinued Notifier panels are, because Notifier doesn’t have a discontinued model list (at least I can’t find it).

Like everything else on large addressable systems, the drill function is usually treated as a pseudo point or an input device. This means that it can be programmed to behave in any way that is possible through the panel’s own form of logic. I’m not too familiar with Notifier systems, but on most platforms (EST, FCI, Fire-Lite, Silent Knight), input devices are categorized into zones according to location or device type, and output devices (notification appliances, relays, signal modules, etc) are put into groups. Just as zones can be programmed to interact with groups in many different ways, pseudo input devices such as drill or manual evac can also be programmed with the same parameters. It is often possible to assign a different coding option or group of NAC’s to the drill function, though this would not usually be done. To answer your question, there shouldn’t be a reason why the drill function won’t work unless the installer did not set it up properly. That being said, fire drills could still be done by enabling city disconnect on the panel.

Thanks! I noticed in the manual for the MS-9050UD, a monitor module can be used as a drill, acknowledge, silence, or reset key, which I thought was cool.

Also, would the account number with the monitoring station be near the panel? What is this city disconnect? Is it the same thing as disabling the communicator? Does it require a pass code/password?

The account number should be on or inside the panel somewhere. City disconnect disables the communicator, masterbox, or leased line connection. Ordinarily, panels will require a lower-level passcode which the end user should be given. It may be written on the panel. As I’ve said, I don’t have first-hand experience with Notifier systems, so I’m going off of how most panels operate. I believe city disconnect is a Simplex term; it might be called something different on Notifier systems, such as dialer disconnect.

Okay, thanks. Well, I talked to the same administrator again, and he said that there have been problems with the system in the past, and he implied that it works now. He also said that we have had two drills this academic year, which were both actually false alarms. I asked him why we don’t do drills, and he said the main principal thinks that fire drills disrupts the learning environment. I also asked one of my teachers if we have had any drills, and she also brought up the false alarms, and told me there were problems with the system last school year. My friend who is a junior said that when she was a freshman, they had fire drills every three months or so. So, I’m guessing that when the electricians replaced the very old MT’s with Commander 3’s first semester, they finished repairing the system, and it is now normal. So, I’m also guessing that the principal thinks that we should remain without fire drills. I could understand if he only did them every few months, but none per year is unacceptable. I will ask him about that next time I see him.

I am concerned, because when a smoke detector activated because of dust and caused a false alarm earlier this academic year, some classes didn’t even evacuate the correct area. We are supposed to pass the street in the front of my school, and go onto the grass field (which is still part of the campus), but we just walked out the door and stood on the sidewalk, right next to the building. All it takes is one of those bricks to fall on someone.

The onyx version of notifier panels will only drill devices that are silence able. That sounds weird that a NAC circuit would be non silence able but the installer would have to program a NAC tripping an FCPS-S8 as a non silenceable strobe ckt for selective silence purposes.

I would advise to place your system on test with your monitoring/ PD/FD and hit a pull station for drilling purposes. Also verify all of your audio/visuals work. That scenerio where an alarm came in and students still in class is rather a scary thought. Most schools drill at least once a month.
Good luck

I don’t work there, but the assistant principal said that in the past they would either use the drill button, or activate a pull station (so they must have called the proper authorities prior). They don’t verify that they all work, this is a campus with 9 buildings (3 of which are 2 stories high).

I think you may have misunderstood what I was saying…the alarm activated, and we evacuated, just not to the correct area. I have been to 8 other schools in this state, and they all conducted the mandatory fire drills, just not my current school. Also, I know of 2 others that conduct fire drills (I have a friend and a sibling going to those schools). I wish my principal would start performing them.