notifier sgl-4000 transformer failing

Hi I am a new user to the forum and have been able to find out a little info on my panel thanks to this site(manufactured from 85-87). So now I am hoping you can help a little further. The transformer is getting hot and shutting off intermittently causing the panel to go into alarm. Have had no success with finding a replacement. It is a foster #15062 but foster rep says they no longer make it and there is no supersede equivalent. It has 3 wires on the DC side and the only other thing I learned is that it is 24v 100va. Any help on an equivalent part is greatly appreciated.

I found that a basler be-21288-001 power supply is a direct interchange but not able to find it available used or new. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it would be painful to toss an otherwise fully functional panel. Is it possible that a notifier sgl 1000 or sgl 2000 of the same era has the same power supply? Anyone here have parts for this panel for sale?

I’m thinking there may be other issues with the transformer. Generally, they get hot when too much current is drawn. Does the assembly have an auto-reset circuit breaker? Also, if you give up on it, I am sure someone on the forums would be interested in buying it off you.

It has a manual push button reset.