Notifier System 5000

Here’s some pictures of my Notifier System 5000 fire alarm panel. There doesn’t seem to be that much media on this panel, and finding them on eBay is pretty rare. I built this panel from scratch; all of the components from this panel were purchased separately.

As a side note, this System 5000 is in a CAB-AA cabinet, which is the smaller cabinet for this panel. You often see this panel in its larger CAB-3 or CAB-4 cabinets, sometimes accompanied by an AMG or various cards.

The System 5000 is related to the System 500 (used for smaller applications; has limited features compared to the 5000) and the System 2500 (same CPU as the 500 but uses the larger cabinets like the 5000). This panel has an AIM-200, which provides support for addressable devices on the panel. There’s also an IZ-8 zone card, which I plan to replace with a proper IZM-8 some time soon. The power supply board is an MPS-24B, used in smaller cabinets like these. The CAB-AA cabinet was NIB and in excellent condition. Very happy with how this project turned out!


Do you have any CLIP devices?

Yep, have a couple of BGX-101Ls. I have some Notifier detectors on the way too.

Oh nice! I have a bgx-101L

That’s a very small System 5000, pretty neat. For reference, here is a rather large version:


I love the size of that 5000—I had no idea Notifier offered such a small enclosure for those panels. Other than the need for certain features that were exclusive to the 5000, I’d imagine that there wasn’t much of an advantage in opting for a 5000 of this size instead of a 500 or 2500 for smaller applications.

The AIM-200 module is such an interesting option on the 5000. We often see manufacturers offer conventional cards for addressable panels, but the opposite is quite unusual.

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The AIM-200 is indeed a neat option, and probably the only reason you’d get a System 5000 in a small cabinet (500/2500 doesn’t support this card afaik).

The AFP300/400 and the AFC600 also have small cabinet options too (NewAgeServerAlarm had a small cab for his AFP400). Smaller cabinets are easier to store and carry, which is why I prefer them over the large and very heavy CAB 3 and 4 series.

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I recently made some fresh labels for my System 5000 and swapped out some parts.


Cool system! system5000’s are really interesting. is it possible to have 2 aim-200’s?

Yep, the manual even shows 2 AIMs in a mini cabinet.

Using the full-size cabinets, the System 5000 can hold up to 10 AIM modules, totalling 1980 addressable points (the same amount as the AM-2020)!


I recently added an LCD-80 to the System 5000. This is a very cool feature for a panel that doesn’t have an LCD display by default. The LCD-80 can also be used on the System 500/2500.

That’s really cool, I would have never known that you could connect an LCD-80 to the System 5000.

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