Notifier updates

Sooo… I just got back from our regional Notifier conference. They are scheduled to release a new panel by sometime early to mid next year. Basically it will utilize the new NCD as the main user interface (this component has already been released) and they are updating the power supply and motherboard. They are also releasing a new backbox and door assembly that is deeper and can now be ordered with 5 rows. Essentially if you think about the fact that the 3030 had a seperate power supply and no NACs on it’s motherboard, whereas the 640 and 320 had its power supply and motherboard together, the new line will resemble the 640/320 chassis, but will be capable of 1-10 SLC loops in one assembly. They are releasing an updated gateway (think Simplex TrueInsight but with central station communication as well). It seems like they are streamlining the new platform (which will be called the Inspire series) and it will have a sleeker overall look and feel. In addition to the panels, the DVC will be updated at some point in the near future with new button interface, and the old style ACM annunciator buttons will be updated too. A new software based mass notification server is being introduced as well. It was good to get to be able to go and see the new stuff in person and it will be exciting to watch as they finally roll these products out.


That all sounds really cool! I hope people can be excited!

I found this comment about the new panel on Reddit: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … k/f8ab716/”></LINK_TEXT>

Is it true? And if so, could you shed some more light on it?

If it is true that a new panel install will be pricey to put into a big system, I’m not sure it would be used a whole lot in that case.

Is this the end of the reign of the “CAB” series cabinets?

The licensing stuff is true. They didn’t really go over any specifics though. It sounds like you send them your requirements and they send you a file back, so I am thinking it is something like individually upgrade-able firmware file or something. I don’t know if you are ‘unlocking’ features or if they have the space to add what you need but they have to configure it how you need it and you add it to memory. They mentioned in their last conference that the future platforms will be more license based though so it seems as though they are keeping in line with that model of business. Overall it is just streamlining their line up and consolidating several things.

I don’t know what other upgrades their power supplies will have, but I would like to see a serial version of the FCPS power supplies that ties to SLC or has another serial connection to the panel, along the same line as Silent Knight’s 5895XL power supply.

The new stuff will fit in the old cabinets for backward compatibility reasons. The new cabinets appear to be the same dimensions width and height wise but will be a little bit deeper, along with with a new 5 tier option available (5 rows, the current max is 4). I will say that the new cabinets have a similar feel to Gamewell’s E3 cabinets. The touchscreen is mounted to the dead front panel that hinges on the backbox much like the E3.


Hi, sorry for bumping an old thread, but is there more information out now to explain how the licensure system works for the Inspires?

Here is the data sheet, now available on their website under the resources link:

Licensable features: Increasing general zone capacity, increasing logic zone capacity, adding zone coding to outputs, adding virtual function buttons (for disables or activating things), utilizing CLIP mode (backward compatibility) and making the display capable of displaying status of other nodes (network display mode). I can go into how that all compares to the Onyx line sometime later.