NPT on NOAA radios tomorrow?

There’s a lot of confusion out there about whether or not the National Periodic Test will broadcast over NOAA radios. Does anyone know if it will?

Yes i beleve it will at 1:20 CDT

Most NOAA stations have to broadcast for national emergencies as well so if it can receive an EAN it’ll have to participate in this test as well with the Primary Entry Point System

Some others are saying that it will be broadcast only on commercial AM/FM/TV stations.

Idk, Most of the FM Stations in my town just broadcast the feed from the Weather Frequency when there is an emergency. (Flash Flood Warnings have proved this as the Audio Quality Severely Drops when that happens.)

It may depend from station to station.

I’ve heard a lot of that, but some NWS offices are now saying they will test, so I wasn’t sure if they all would.

True. Some offices have said they’ll test but most haven’t said anything.

I know the one in Seattle has it connected to the Primary Entry Point System to relay national messages (KIRO-AM sports) but it seems only the stations located in major cities will relay national messages while the more rural areas won’t broadcast national messages.

The NPT never went over NOAA in my area sadly. Hope it does someday.

Hmm, interesting. You’d think they would broadcast national events on all available stations.

I got the test over my R-1630

Cool! I’m glad someone caught it.

Got mine over FM stations…